Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Affordable Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing in Wilmington, NC

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service: Hardwood Floor Cleaner Wilmington, NC - hardwood-flooring-cleaning-and-refinishingLooking to restore your hardwood floors to the clean, beautiful and natural look they once had?

Don’t sand your wood floors if you don’t have to! Sanding your hardwood floors is expensive and can be messy. Sano Steam offers sandless deep cleaning, followed by a preservation finish, that will bring back the charm and add years to the life of your hardwood floors without the mess, high-cost, and hassle.

When you call Sano Steam for hardwood floor restoration and refinishing, you will be amazed at how we’re able to make them look as good as new. Our specially-developed deep steam cleaning technique will thoroughly clean the floors before we add a preservation finish that will restore the original shine and prevent future wear and tear.

Why You Should Leave Your Hardwood Cleaning to the Professionals

Are you frustrated with the high-cost and time commitment required to sand and refinish floors? Attempting to refinish floors on your own may save some money, but it often takes several days of back-breaking work. The professionals at Sano Steam can remove all of the hidden dirt beneath the floors and in between gaps and cracks and apply a fresh high-quality finish, reviving the beauty of your hardwood at a fraction of the cost.

Is Your Hardwood Floor Cracking and Splitting? We Can Help!

Cracks and gaps often start appearing in the hardwood over time due to daily use and the natural shrinking and expanding of the wood. Regardless of how careful you are to preserve your floors, the hardwood will inevitably shrink during the winter seasons. After shrinking, if your floors are exposed to heat and humidity, the floor will begin to expand gaps and cracks will appear in the wood. These gaps are more common in the older homes.

If dirt and debris are allowed to fill the space inside these gaps and cracks, not only will it affect the appearance of your floors, it will also cause the cracks and gaps to widen over time, further damaging your floors. At Sano Steam, we use a high-powered truck-mounted system to remove dirt and debris that is deeply embedded inside your floors, protecting them from further damage.