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Protect Your Employees & Tenants with Office Sanitizing Services in Wilmington, NC

Office Sanitizing ServiceProper Sanitization is an Important Part of Our World as it Stands Today, and Moving Forward

We all have witnessed how quickly germs can spread after the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is critical that your business be properly cleaned to slow the spread of infectious disease, germs, bacteria, and more.

Sano Steam has dedicated more than three decades to providing you with a cleaner, healthier environment to live or work in. We understand what it means to have a truly clean and disinfected space from your carpet to the ceiling, and even the air in between. We customize your cleaning treatments based on your individual office needs following a walkthrough with one of our team members. Our state-of-the-art equipment goes beyond what any Clorox wipe ever could. From fogging the air, to hospital grade disinfectants, we have everything necessary to fully sanitize your space. We work around your schedule to disrupt your day as little as possible. Trust us when it comes to the sanitization and safety of your employees.

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Disinfecting Leads to a Healthier Environment for All that Walk Through Your Door

Being proactive in your cleaning and disinfection processes can be the difference between a healthy environment for you employees and one riddled with sick days, or worse. By reducing the possibility of germs living in or on surfaces where people commonly interact, you can increase employee productivity and improve the safety for those who enter your building.We follow all CDC guidelines when it comes to disinfecting your office space. Using EPA and CDC approved disinfectants, we sanitize every possible inch of your office, paying close attention to where cross contamination is most likely to occur, such as door handles, light switches, elevators, kitchens, restrooms, faucets, and more. Put up a good defense against invisible threats that are viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more with disinfecting services from Sano Steam

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