Pressure Washing

Remove Mold, Mildew, Algae, Weeds, and More with Pressure Washing in Wilmington, NC

Exterior Power Washing Cleans Your Home’s Wood, Brick, and Siding Like Nothing Else Can

Do you have green mildew growing on the side of your house, but have no idea how to remove it? Don’t spend hours scrubbing it with generic cleaners and a hose.

Pressure washing is the most effective solution to remove mildew, mold, and algae from unwanted areas. By applying the perfect amount of pressure, our power washers can force any growth or dirt off of your home safely without damaging the exterior siding, bricks, or other construction materials. Pressure washing is also a must when you are staining or re-staining a deck. In order to remove any grime inthe wood, or to first take the old stain off, it is important that your deck or patio be thoroughly cleaned with power washing. Not only will it help the stain attach to the wood better and ensure an even coat, but it will also help to preserve the lifespan of your wood, preventing it from rotting due to mold or bacteria growth that goes untreated.

You’ll be amazed at what a big difference such a simple service can make for your home. Contact Sano Steam today to request a power washing quote!

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Pressure Washing Keeps Your Driveways and Sidewalks Weed-Free

Your days of endless weeding are over with power washing services from Sano Steam. The pressure from our washers is powerful enough to remove weeds and unwanted grass growth from the cracks in your driveway, sidewalks, or walking paths. If nothing else, pressure washing removes all of the grime and dirt that has accumulated in the pores of your asphalt or concrete driveway. It is recommended that you have your driveway and sidewalks pressure washed at least once a year to protect the lifespan of the materials. On top of that, it improves the overall appearance of your property because it is free of unwanted stains, oil spots, and more.

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